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Harley Davidson Sandals – Comfortable Footwear Option

Harley Davidson Sandals – Comfortable Footwear Option

Motorcyclists know exactly why they do what they do: riding motorcycles is one of the most beautifully exciting and adrenaline rushing experiences ever. The speed, the wind in your face and the feel of complete and utter control over your bike, these factors are quite unmatched in any other sport or pastime. But the fact remains that it is also extremely important you possess the right sort of equipment and gear before you attempt riding a motorcycle. Being prepared and aware of these requirements from the start can prevent many an accident and harm to you.

Do your homework about the various types of protective equipment, gears and accessories available before going ahead and buying one. This will save you a lot of hassle later on. This protective gear includes helmets, gloves which also offer protection, and also Harley Davidson sandals, meant especially for women bikers who are fashion conscious. There are some guidelines you’d do well to keep in mind when out in the market for good protective gear for motorcycle riding. Following these will ensure you get the maximum level of protection and that your biking experience is complete, safe and a delight all the way.

Sandals mean different things to different people. To some, it has come to mean footwear that’s meant to be worn to relax, and for some, wearing sandals can be an extremely conscious decision to make a fashion statement, and some just wear it for the heck of it and the fun. Especially for this reason, sandals are available in various types: the huarache for instance consists of strips of leather making the upper segment, and a small hell and is sling backed. Espadrilles have a fabric upper part and a very flexible and durable sole. T-straps and toe loops don’t really have much to fully encompass your feet and cover it, because the t straps goes all round the ankle and also goes between the toes. These are very casual footwear and not meant to be worn in office. Also, if you’re out in the sun and the sand, and would like to get your feet tanned, you can wear this sort of footwear. Wedge sandals and clog sandals are both characterized by really thick and cork heels. For formal dresses and skirts, wedges are more suited than clogs, because wedges contain a heel that’s capped and a peep toe to boot.

Perhaps the most popular sandal all over the world is the flip flop, named so because of the curiously similar sound it makes when walked in them. These tend to be loose, especially when compared to its other counterparts as they have only one single strap placed between the second and the big toe. This kind of footwear is extremely well suited for occasions requiring you to dress up, but at the same time, goes perfectly well with casual wear too!

There is no dearth of brands in the sandal business, ranging from Teva, Rainbow, Birkenstock, Bernado, Born, Jack Rogers and Harley Davidson sandals. The last example is considerably expensive and on the higher end. They are flip flops which are made of hemp and leather. Best of all, the inclusion of a supporting arch in these sandals help the sandals adapt to the wearer’s foot.

Harley Davidson sandals for women, with their black leather and black straps and silver rivets, are a class apart. They are at once a reliable footwear and fashion statement, and go perfectly with women bikers everywhere!

Sandals aren’t just there for women though. There are also men sandals. And they aren’t just for formal occasions either, but also for casual use. Best of all, they are extremely comfortable and suitable for a warm weather.

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