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Men’s Fashion Tips from A Woman

Men’s Fashion Tips from A Woman


What a Woman Does Not Want

Quite often men get decked out, you’re trying to impress others — girlfriend, wife, etc. This actuality led a group of women to get together and assemble a list of clothing and accessories that, in their opinion, males should never wear.

Gaudy Rings

Primary on the list is a gaudy band or any kind of pinky ring. You might see men in GQ plus Esquire, wearing pinky rings; nevertheless, please, don’t do that, it simply looks so tacky and major. Don’t do the big, chunky, showy rings.

Too much Cologne

As well as the second thing that you should never use is too much cologne. Women no longer want to be able to smell you through six feet away. Women no longer even want to get near you. When they may smell you from that much, you’re basically repelling people. If you are going to wear cologne, make sure to simply spray your fingertip once, apply it on the inside of your wrist, plus use that same fingertip using the little excess of cologne and apply it on both sides of your neck of the guitar, that’s it, that’s all you need. Even better? Go without cologne.

No Clothes with Sandals

The third point is that you simply should not be wearing socks with your new sandals. This should go without explanation.  Socks with your sandals, it’s a no-no. Which kind of just leads us to the fourth point. You shouldn’t be wearing new sandals at all unless you’re at the beach or even you’re going for a swim, that’s the just time it’s appropriate. Women no longer want to see your toes. Nobody really wants to see your toes,

Men’s Shorts — not Below the Knee

The particular fifth thing that you should not be putting on is shorts that go previous your knees. It is just way too juvenile searching. Wear a proper short that finishes at the right length – that is usually between mid to lower upper leg, but not past your knees.

No Outdated Shoes

The next thing men should not be putting on are old, worn out, dirty shoes. The very first thing women look at are your shoes or boots, so please keep them fresh. As soon as they’re past their prime, eliminate them.

Cartoon Printed Boxers

Should you ever get to a point where you’re undressing in front of a woman, you don’t want the girl to tell you to put your clothes back on and leave. The particular seventh thing you should not be putting on is cartoon printed boxers. To some woman, these convey that you’re just a little kid. It’s like you still desire to be a boy again. Get some proper briefs in like black, navy blue, charcoal, some solid colors,

No Logo T-Shirts

The eighth point that you should not be wearing are tee shirts with a bunch of logos on them. Females don’t want to see any t-shirts along with Budweiser or Harley Davidson, or even a sports team, outside of a sports event. Women don’t want to see that. Women want to see you in just the crisp, solid color t-shirt.

No Baggy, Ill-fitting Clothes

And the next thing that you should not be wearing really goes without saying, but all of these females feel adamant about this. You shouldn’t be putting on baggy, ill-fitting clothes, period. This is very important.

No Tank Tops

The 10th thing you shouldn’t be wearing is tank tops. To a woman, it’s simply gross. Women don’t want to see your own armpit hair exposed. And they do not want to see you in a tank best with the nipples exposed. No girl wants to see that, don’t do it.

Definitely No Skinny Jeans

And the next thing that you should not be wearing is thin jeans. Go with a nice slim-fit set of jeans. Leave the skinny jeans to all the little skater boys.

Pointed Shoes – No

The 12th thing that you should not be wearing is pointy shoes. Women are surprised that pointy shoes still exist for a man. Pointy and square shoes are usually horrible. Please don’t do that. Burn all those. They’re so dated and unsightly. Don’t be that guy.

Deep V-neck T-shirts – No

The next thing to avoid wearing is deep v-neck tee shirts. That’s a lot of chest being exposed. Don’t do it, please.

No Big Belt Buckles

The 14th thing that you ought to never, ever wear is huge or square or monogrammed belt buckles. Please don’t do it. It’s as an instant, douche bag alert. The alarms go off.

No Leather Bracelets

And the next thing that you should never use is leather bracelets. When a lady sees a guy wearing a leather bracelet, she thinks he’s wanting to be this bad boy; however, it will not come off as that. It’s the opposite. It conveys that you’re trying too much. Instead, go with a nice watch.

Elongated Shirts

And the 16th thing that you ought to not be wearing is elongated t-shirts on their own. Maybe you can wear a single as a layering piece, but also that’s pushing it. Instead, get some shirts that fit correctly.

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The 17th thing that you should not be wearing is soul patches.  Nobody wants that. It’s therefore not attractive. It’s so major. When you’re talking to a woman she’s simply gonna be looking at that little part of hair. Nobody wants to kiss that. No soul patch, okay? Possibly go with something proper like a facial beard, or just clean-shaven.

And the 18th point that you should not be wearing is Crocs. Do we really need to explain any more?

No Facial Piercings

The 19th thing that men should never wear are earrings plus facial piercings. Sometimes a woman views a really cute guy with face piercing and earrings, and she actually is able to overlook all of that because the man is so damn cute. However, that is not the case for most guys. Facial piercings and earrings really take away from your attractiveness. Please don’t get it done. Women are not into it. They’re not going to think that you’re sexy because you have that nasal area piercing or because you’ve got that earring.

Short-Sleeve Sweatshirts

The next thing that you should not wear is a short sleeve sweatshirt. It has been recently rocked a lot by Kanye West. Now we’re starting to see a large number of guys wearing them. This looks gross. Please avoid any type of cutoff sweatshirt situation, you don’t need this.

The last and final point, never wear dress shoes with those trainer soles on them. Why not just use either a dress shoe or a trainer? You don’t need to combine it, don’t wreak havoc on something that’s already good, this just looks so horrible.

Therefore anyways guys, those are the 21 things that some women think you should never wear. Regardless of how old you are, these women don’t consider the items on this list attractive. So, if you’re dressing up in order to impress someone, including ourselves, therefore wear amazing, timeless, classic apparel and accessories, but just avoid these types, please.


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