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Reef Awol Sandals

Reef Awol Sandals

In any case, your friends will certainly be impressed with your new sandals and even ask you where you got them. Instead of taking tennis shoes to the beach, which could easily acquire sand in them – it is a good idea to leave those at home and bring a pair of surf sandals instead. Of course, sand can easily get in any type of shoes or sandals, there will be less in your own sandals because of the way they were designed. Generally speaking, you want a pair of flat reef sandals made from Nubuck or rubber so this way any sand can free itself from the shoe. While walking on the shore with these, you won’t feel uncomfortable and it will also help in the movement of your feet.

The Reef Awol Sandal was designed with a quality material called Nubuck which is synthetic. It also has special lining that won’t easily tear, along with its EVA foot-bed. Being highly contoured, you will be more comfortable when wearing the Awol sandal. Its outer sole was made in such a way that you can easily grip and bend it. Even if you bend it often, the sandal won’t mold into an irregular shape since it is so strong. The white reef logo has been added to the very heel of this sandal and can also be located on the thong. Its colors consist of a dark gray and black hue, giving it contrast and style.

If you would rather get rid of your old and uncomfortable pair of sandals, go ahead! The Reef Awol Sandals were created for surfers and even individuals who do not surf. If you are someone who just plans on visiting the beach to socialize with your family and get a tan, these sandals would be perfect for you. These mens sandals have about 3 straps or six if you want to divide them. Instead of having two straps like typical sandals have, this will allow your feet to be more secured when you are wearing them. This also means no more sandals flying off your feet if are engaging in a sport activity or moving around a lot. This is also the number one reason why men love these shoes. Not only are they snug but they will also let you do anything you like.

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